Small Things That Make People Happy

Small Things That Make People HappyLife is all about those small little happy things and happy moments. It is up to you to look for them, notice them and create more of them. When you connect the dots between all these little joys, life will seem fuller and more satisfying.

In this day and age where success is measured by how far you go in your career and how much money you earn, there is a tendency for people to sacrifice the small things that count. You may call them whatever you wish but these “Happiness Moments”  are actually what makes life worthwhile which you will realize if you have the time to take some time out for yourself.;-)

In general, our brains are more attuned to negative news and has a strong negative bias. The brain is simply built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news and human beings conveniently forget the small “happiness moments” that they have had in the past which made a difference to the way they felt at that moment.

As Maya Angelou said ~ “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

It takes a little effort to see the good things in your life especially when you aren’t used to it. There are many things to be thankful for which are often neglected because we take them for granted.

As put forth by – “Occasional big positive experiences—say, a birthday bash—are nice. But they don’t make the necessary impact on our brain to override the tilt to negativity. It takes frequent small positive experiences to tip the scales toward happiness.”

You would have probably forgotton all the little things that you loved. You would have been so busy that you would not be having any time to smell the flowers or enjoy the rainbow as you were doing when you were a child.

What are these small positive experiences that create these “happiness moments” ? Well ! It can be different for different individuals depending on a lot of factors including personality traits, attitude towards life, your circumstances, the relationships you have built over time, etc.

I got down to make a list of small happiness moments – the greatest highs that life can offer – those small things that make people happy – those small events that brings a smile on your face – those small memories that you remember and makes you smile when you are all alone.;-)

Of course, what makes me happy will not be the same as what makes you happy. Only you can answer the question of ‘What Makes You Happy ?”

I thought that I should share with you some of these happiness moments (in random order) so you can pick and choose your happiness moments.

1. Waking up and realizing that you still have a few hours left to sleep
2. Getting wet in the rain
3. Watching the expression on someone’s face as they open a present from you
4. Knowing that somebody misses you
5. Going to a games parlour with your little daughter/son and feeling like a kid again
6. When someone special reads your mind
7. When you get invitations in the mail
8. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply
9. When you help a friend who is in need of your help
10. Getting an unexpected compliment
11. Dangling your feet in a running stream on an outdoor picnic
12. Sleeping in a tent on a night-out
13. Hearing your children laughing and enjoying themselves
14. Getting to see the sun-rise sitting on a sea beach
15. Sitting out at night and watching a sky full of stars
16. Hanging out with someone you have not seen in a long time
17. When you jump over and over again on a puddle with bare feet
18. When you discover a new friendship
19. Having a re-union with old friends and remembering old incidents
20. Playing with a baby in a pram
21. Being able to go to the toilet when it has been a long time coming ;-)
22. Smelling the fresh air after the rain
23. Being told a nice secret
24. Watching the rain from your balcony with a cup of hot tea/coffee
25. Knowing that someone is thinking of you
26. When you are close to someone you love and watching the clouds go by
27. Sleeping on the grass looking into the sky
28. Jumping into your bed and covering yourself with a blanket on a cold winter night
29. Completing something which you started long back
30. Sitting in front of the fireplace in a cold evening
31. Having butterflies in your stomach when you see your crush
32. Having a camp-fire in the middle of the night with close friends
33. When you get an unexpected raise from your employer
34. When you are stranded on the road and people ask whether they can help
35. When you are told – “I love you !”
36. When you hear the sound of the sea on a sea-beach
37. When you see a garden full of beautiful flowers
38. The wink from someone who is thinking the exact same thing you’re thinking
39. Being tucked up in your warm blanket on a rainy day
40. Hosting a birthday for your child and it goes off well
41. Having that warm fuzzy feeling when you are beginning to fall in love like never before
42. Knowing that there is something you can do better than anyone else
43. When you really needed help and someone offered it to you unexpectedly
44. Riding on a rollercoaster and screaming loudly while holding your hands in the air
45. When you take a stand for what you believe in
46. You just said “No” to someone and really meant it
47. You believed in yourself when no one else did and succeeded in what you set out to do
48. You believed in someone else when no one else did and he/she succeeded in what he/she set out to do
49. You define success on your own terms
50. When you realize that you have just impacted someone’s happiness quotient
51. When someone tells you that you matter to that person
52. When like minded peope get what you are saying
53. Walking on the roof-top early in the morning before anyone else wakes up
54. When you realize that someone is willing to listen to you now
55. When you become the recipient of a random act of kindness
56. When you get re-connected with an old friend after a long gap
57. Playing with a balloon with your little daughter/son
58. When you know that you have the freedom to do your own thing
59. Knowing that you belong to the smartest species on the planet
60. Knowing that if you got sick, there is someone who would take care of you
61. When you watch your favourite comedy show on TV
62. Knowing that you have made a difference in somebody’s life
63. Knowing that you can say what you want to that one person in your life
64. Knowing that you have internet access for 24 hours in a day
65. Knowing that you have a TV to watch your favourite channels
66. Watching your baby fast asleep without a care in the world and contentment written all over the face
67. Knowing that someone secretly admires you and wants to be more like you
68. Knowing that you have the best dad in the whole world
69. Knowing that you have the best mom in the whole world
70. Being re-united with your own bed after you come back home from a holiday
71. When you watch your spouse pray in the temple and know that you are a part of her prayers
72. Knowing that you are luckier than many people you know
73. When you have a long random conversation with someone who gets you
74. When you have a long meaningful conversation with someone who gets you
75. Sitting on a comfortable rocking chair in the balcony/patio with a cup of hot tea with a pleasant breeze
76. Taking off your inner wears after a long hard day and getting that feeling of deja vu ;-)
77. When you receive a hand-written letter through snail mail
78. Seeing children play in the park on your way home
79. Playing a game you loved as a child with your children
80. When someone holds the door for you
81. When you sit on a swing in the park with your child
82. When you are a hero of the game/sport you have played and everyone comes over to congratulate you
83. Knowing that someone took care of you and sent you to school
84. Just wondering how it would feel to live in a tree house
85. Jumping into a bed with fresh clean sheets
86. When you successfully fix the legs of your child’s broken study table and she thanks you for it
87. When you successfully fix your child’s bicycle and she thanks you for it.
88. Waking up on a Sunday and realizing that it is the weekend and you can go back to sleep again
89. Receving a hug that lasts a little longer than usual
90. When you receive a honest compliment from someone who does not compliment often
91. When your conversation with old friends has a lot of – Wow ! Those were the days !
92. When your spouse hands over the TV remote to you as an act of kindness
93. When you ask your little child to give you a hug and he/she gives a prolonged hug
94. When you ask your little child to give you a kiss and he/she gives a wet kiss
95. When you fall asleep in the arms of someone you love
96. The warm feeling that you get when you honestly tell someone how much they mean to you
97. When your doctor tells you that nothing is wrong with you after your visit
98. When you see your child learning from you and thinks that Dad/Mom is a genius for knowing so much
99. Watching little kids running around having the time of their life
100. When you experiment a new dish recipe and it turns out better than you expected
101. When you hold the hands of someone you love
101. When you tear open the gift wrap from a gift you have received
102. Walking down an old road with trees that form a canopy over the road
103. When you are channel surfing and you stop exactly when your show starts after the commercial break
104. Looking at old photographs of yourself when you were a small child
105. Getting a thank you note from someone who appreciates what you have done
106. Getting a text message from someone special which says – “Thinking of you !”
107. When someone gives you a cup of coffee/tea
108. Going for a random walk in the middle of the night
109. When someone takes care of you when you are not well
110. When you make someone laugh over the phone
111. When your little daughter/son gives her/his artwork as a gift
112. When someone you like just calls to say “Hi”
113. When you ask your little child “Where’s Daddy ?” and he/she points at you
114. When you successfully get inside the elevator before it closes
115. When you invent new secret words and phrases with your friends that only makes sense to you and your friends
116. Getting a call from someone you have been just thinking about
117. When you are successful in making a baby laugh loudly
118. Googling random things and exploring the unexplored
119. When you take off your shoes and slide into your slippers after a long hard day at the office
120. When you spin in your office chair for no apparent reason
121. Trying new clothes again after getting back home from the store and looking at yourself in the mirror from all angles
122. Letting the waves on the sea run over your feet at the sea beach
123. when you arrive at a group re-union and get hugs and high-fives
124. When someone guesses your age and the guess is way lower than your actual age
125. The first few hours of a road trip with people you like
126. Feeling the water after dangling your feet into the swimming pool
127. When someone opens the door just for you
128. Finding an old toy with which you played as a kid
129. Talking about how much the meal you are eating at home would cost at a restaurant
130. Hearing a song that reminds you of the person you love
131. When you are tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you on a cold day
132. When someone compliments you in front of someone you like
133. When you see a cute baby in a pram and are successful in drawing attention of the baby to you
134. When you do not have an umbrella and someone who has it asks you to come under it
135. When your little daughter/son gets all excited and cuddles up with you when you get home from work
136. Showing old people how to do something on a computer and making you feel like a genius
137. When you have the complete freedom to be in your shorts for a whole day
138. The in between time at a restaurant when the food comes from the kitchen and before it reaches your table
139. Sitting on the sands on the sea beach hearing the waves and looking at the sea hitting the shore
140. The feeling that you get in the first ten seconds after you turn out the lights and settle into a good sleeping position
141. Swimming in the sea
142. Enjoying the sunset on the sea beach
143. Walking on soft grass with bare feet
144. Picking the fastest moving line at the shopping mall checkout
145. Seeing old photographs of relatives in their youth
146. Walking barefoot on the sea beach and feeling the sand in your feet
147. That wonderful feeling of great health you get right after you just vomited
148. Doing random unplanned things and getting a kick out of just merely doing it
149. When you meet a polite cop who helps you to find directions
150. When you do random acts of kindness
151. When you blow soap bubbles with your little son/daughter
152. When you nudge the person snoring next to you and it makes them stop so that you can sleep in peace
153. Competing against your little son / daughter in the games parlour and allowing him/her to win without him/her knowing it
154. When you wake up on Sunday thinking it is Monday and then suddenly realizing that it is actually Sunday
155. When your mom tells you how she met your dad
156. When your dad tells you how she met your mom
157. Walking into a crowded party and recognizing a familiar face
158. When friends share their darkest secrets with you
159. Showing off your knowledge to a 5 year school kid and amazing him when he thinks that he has just met a genius in you
160. Having a cold coffee on a hot summer day
161. Having a hot coffee on a cold winter day
162. When your little child shares that box of chocolate which he/she received as a gift
163. When it feels like the lyrics to the song you are listening to were written with you in mind
164. Knowing that you have friends who put up with you although you drive them nuts at times
165. When you learn something new
166. Sitting next to a stream in the middle of nowhere
167. When someone puts a hand on your shoulders and gives a pat on your head when you are feeling low
168. When you bring a large family ice-cream pack and everyone in the family attacks it on a hot summer day
169. When the phone rings and it is somebody you were just thinking about
170. Knowing that you can fulfil the small wishes of your little son/daughter
171. When you help someone solve a nagging problem in their life
172. When people click the like button and drop a comment on your facebook update
173. When people re-tweet your twitter update and share it with their followers
174. When someone asks for your advice because that person respects your opinion
175. Watching cartoons with your little son/daughter and laughing loudly with your child
176. When you go to a movie with someone you like
177. When you play cricket with a tennis ball
178. Watching a rainbow after the rain
179. Being able to place the last piece in a complex jigsaw puzzle
180. Going for a random walk with no destination in mind
181. When your neigbour compliments you for the dish that you shared with her
182. When you allow someone to take out cash from the ATM before you if he is in a hurry
183. Calling someone who you have been thinking of and making their day
184. When you call someone you have not talked to for a while and he/she is thrilled about it
185. When you are on the receiving end of a sincere compliment
186. When you receive an unexpected hug from a family member
187. Watching a movie in the theater with your family
188. Realizing that you do have people who care for you in your life
189. Finding a quote that reflects your actual life situation
190. Going to the rooftop with a good book to read
191. When you have lunch/dinner together with your parents on a visit
192. When you listen to some light music on a lazy Sunday afternoon
193. Watching the sun rise sitting on the sea beach
194. When you receive a smile from a stranger
195. The feeling that you get when someone who cares for you takes your hand in theirs
196. When you are sitting by the lake and enjoying a sunset
197. When you are appreciated and recognized at work
198. When you receive a hearfelt hug when feeling low
199. When you are having a lazy day with absolutely nothing to do
200. When you go through old photos and remember all the memories associated with the photos
201. When you see people share your articles, status updates and tweets with others
202. When you have junk food once in a while by the road-side stall
203. When people notice your mood
204. When you watch a funny baby video
205. The thrill of being alive and being able to enjoy these small happiness moments

Love your life right now. It will change some day and you will miss what you have now.

If you can relate to some of the happiness moments above, print it and put it on your refrigerator or cupboard.

To quote Robert Brault ~ “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”